Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Last Two Days

Children work in Kabuga, with Sunday John.
"Pyramid" with Shama.
A story by Shama.
Pineapple for a snack.
Sunday we left early - 6 AM to catch a taxi van to the Taxi park to meet up with Alex and catch a bus to Ryabega.
Sunday morning service in Ryabega.
Caught a moto to go to the church and then one to go back to the taxi place in Ryabega.
 Then we caught a van to Nyagatare to check the rental house. Met with the landlord and made an agreement, (on paper - for those that need that detail!) Looks like we may be moving in on Tuesday! There is lots to do in the next few days in order for that to happen.
3 bedroom - room for guests!
 And then caught a bus back to Kigali. Taxi vans have not being running this week to the YWAM base so we had to catch another moto from there! I've had my share of moto rides these last few days, but it beats walking the distance!!!! Starting to be more comfortable riding them. (Even in a skirt).

We really enjoyed being greeted warmly at the church in Ryabega! We were truly blessed! We were so glad to be back and they were really glad to have us. We were introduced as Rukundo and Bwiza! We both had a chance to share and when we were finished two people came to know the Lord as their Savior. The one fellow was father of 8 children, who have been praying for him to become a Christian. Today their prayers were answered! Now we will pray for their mother to accept Jesus! God is so good! The other person was a lady with a young baby.

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