Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curtains Done

Just finished making curtains today for the bedrooms and our bathroom! I had been using other material I had. Peter had bought material last week for me to make curtains. Glad that's done – did it all by hand as I don't have a machine yet! Still have to buy some material for the living and dining rooms. Hoping to get some sheer material for them, “transparent” as Daniel calls it.
Daniel has been a great help to Peter and I. He 'came' with the house!!! Yes he did! He will stay with us until he is done his schooling and then the Government will find him a job somewhere in Rwanda as a veterinarian. Daniel knows quite a lot of English so we can understand each other well, along with the Kenyarwandan/English Dictionary! I think he enjoys getting 3 meals a day and a place to stay!
Yesterday we had a gal, Alphonsine, come in to help with laundry and cleaning. She was here at about 7:30 am, ate some breakfast and worked until about 5 pm, ate some dinner and then left before it got dark. Daylight is around 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. She worked really hard, did all the laundry, and washed all the floors and then swept the ground out back!!! (She wouldn't stop working!) She doesn't know very much English, so it was good that Daniel was around. She wants to be able to go back to school and learn English – also hopes to learn a lot while she works for us. Her schooling stopped when she was about 11 years old. Plans are that she will take over when Daniel leaves. She's a sweetie, calls me 'Mommy'! She is 28, a year older than Daniel. They both love to do things for us! She will come a couple days a week and help with the cleaning.
This week we are still getting stuff done around the house. We are the first to live here. (Daniel was here as a guard, getting paid to stay with food to eat!) There were taps that needed replacing, curtains to make, a closet to be build and installed – that is suppose to happen tomorrow. We are still needing furniture, but that will come when the banks finally finish transferring our money! We have a mattress and mosquito net – the essentials. Oh, and a clothes line was put up outside a day or two before it was needed! Peter and Daniel are pretty handy to have around!!!
We have been doing some yard work too. There is a lot of garbage laying around from construction and who knows what! We have planted some seeds, avocado, beans, and garlic – items we have been eating. (If you are reading this and happen to want to send a note our way – tape some seeds in it! Sunflower, flowers, carrots, or anything else! Address is in the “Contact Me” section above!)
Well tomorrow will be busy with the closet being install – finally will be able to unpack our suitcases and hang our clothes!!!!
I'm excited!

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    Marlene Pannenbecker says: I am so jealous....love that your gardener/guard is also a friend !!! I will try and remember to send a note and seeds ASAP

    Esther Lee says: sounds like you are coming home..curtains and seeds. Yep

    Leona Maye Kent says: nice, I will send some seeds, did you find some ginger root? And aren't you glad I forced you to do all that hand stitching while you were here? You'll be a pro! and the curtains will look professional!

    LaDonna Harris says: The kids wanna send you seeds too. We will try.