Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ministry This Week

We bought some material and this week I've been sewing, wishing I had my own machine. I have been able to use the electric machine in the VTS room in the afternoons, as it is being used in the mornings.
A piece hemmed on two ends - cloth for now. Washed and hanging to dry.
A wrap skirt.
A table cloth.
Baby outfit!
Purse I designed, but put together wrong - had to do too much hand stitching.
There are two pockets in the lining.
Peter and Tony have been going to Kabuga every day since Monday and teaching on Leadership and Discipleship. They have returned each day around 8 PM hungry and excited about their day!

Today they ate an early lunch (leftovers from last nights dinner).
Ready to go at 12:30 PM in order to be there before 2 PM.
They do two classes, one at 2 PM and the other around 5 PM. They then catch two 'van taxis' home and arrive around 8:30 PM. As you can see, they are enjoying what they are doing!!!

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