Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday Evening in Red Deer

We went early in the day to visit Ron & Sheila Frank! A couple we have known from many years, going back to our years in Watson Lake, YK.  We had a wonderful time with them. We were pleased they had opened their home for us to share about our time in Rwanda.  The interest shown from those that came was an encouragement to us! We can hardly wait to fly back and get started!

I think it would have been a "Ladies Meet" if Ron & Peter hadn't been there!!!
Sheila shared a prayer at the end. Thanks so much for opening your home Ron & Sheila!

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  1. Audrey Frank Gliege says: Something or some-buddy is missing here ... Wish I could have joined you and glad they encouraged/inspired you. Why is Peter wearing his pj's? Oh, you were doing a sleepover :)