Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,                    May 2012

We have been in Canada now close to four months. So far it has been a busy time. Busy because we wanted to visit many of our friends and family, and share with them the great things that God has been doing in our lives since we left Canada in June of 2011, where we spent six months taking DTS at YWAM Base in Rwanda, and one month of seeking God for His direction in the future.

In the 4 months (Feb. to May) we visited in Canada/USA. We started with visiting Diane's parents on our way to the USA. In Alabama, we visited our son Kirk & Candace, Keelyn, Kiersten, and Conner. Candace is due very soon with their 4th child, Katie. Then we travelled to Ontario to visit with Jason & Becky, Nolan, Makenna and Daeton. We were in Rwanda when Daeton was born last year in July, so it was the first time we got to hold him. We carried on to Saskatchewan and stayed with Diane's sister during the week, while we travelled to churches on the weekends. The end of April we headed to Alberta and celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. We visited with our son John, and his girl friend Jazmine in Edmonton. Then travelled to Mayerthorpe to visit with our daughter LaDonna & Jason, Kristyn, Cora-Jean, Marrissa, Wyatt, Rayna, and Matthias. LaDonna is due to deliver another little one in July. That will make the total of 14 grandchildren for us. We were able to see many of our siblings during this time and will treasure the memories in the months to come.

While in USA, we had the privilege of sharing in a Church about our time in Rwanda. Back in Canada we had opportunity to share another 21 times with family, friends and supporters! Every time we shared we felt more and more that God will use us in Rwanda. We were very privileged to share in some churches for the first time. And we had a great time meeting fellow believers too, for the first time! A BIG Thank You to those who opened their doors for us to share.

On the 30th of May, we will be flying out of Saskatoon, SK heading for Africa and arrive sometime late on the 31st of May. We are eager to get back to Africa and start in ministry work. We will be working with YWAM and with Alex, pastor of a church in a village in the north east corner of Rwanda, called Ryabega. In this village there are families, widows and orphans. Alex and YWAM will help us get settled and start into the work. We have an idea of what might happen, but nothing is scheduled as of yet. We hope to help in a practical way to those that live in the area.

The ministry we have started is called “Ashes To Worship (Rwanda)”. This ministry includes helping families be self-sustaining with goats, chickens, rabbits, or cows, and they in turn will supply animals to help another needy family. Some children are not given the opportunity to attend school; with donations this could be possible. We know that there is a need of a school for children and vocational school for adults. Another part of this ministry will be to teach them to make local crafts for sale at the markets. Diane hopes to start classes on sewing, after machines and supplies are bought. Peter is looking forward to teaching biblical truths, there is a great hunger for that. All of this will be done through translators. Find attached more information about how you can help with this ministry.

Please pray for us during this time. For travel back to Ryabega, Rwanda, and the beginning stages of our ministry. Pray for those who will work with us and those we will be ministering to. Pray also for us as we find a secure place to live and set up our home.

Thank you for your many prayers and financial support.

God bless,
Love in Christ,

Peter and Diane Salmond

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