Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Weekend

 Saturday morning we left Saskatoon for Hudson Bay, stopping at Melfort, it was dry - not raining - and no snow!
As we got closer to Melfort we saw a little snow!
Then there was more.
At Melfort it looked like this - about 6 inches/15cm.
Ken & Charlene took us out for lunch with Colleen! Sorry didn't get a picture of that, but we had a great visit!!!  

We then left Melfort for Hudson Bay! (I know, the crazy missionaries are more than crazy!!!) There was a lot more snow, about 1 foot/30cm of snow at the deepest and we were 'bottoming out' as we drove the 'one lane' highway through the snow.
Needless to say because you can see, the snow was deep and 'others' got stuck! Good thing we had a tow rope with us!
I love this picture. Beautiful snow stuck on the trees! I wonder how that would be as a jigsaw puzzle!!!
It cleared off a bit once we got closer to Hudson Bay, SK!
Hudson Bay's "moose"!
 We were privileged to stay at Rod & Diane Salmond's. Had a great visit with them and family! Thanks Rod & Diane!!! (Never got any pictures though!)
The morning service at Pineridge Fellowship Chapel in Hudson Bay, SK.
The roads were much cleaner on the way back. It was still snowing a bit when we left Hudson Bay. And by the time we got to Wakaw our tires were very much caked with ice!

After we cleaned off the ice I got this picture of what we left behind!
 The roads were good the rest of the way and we got home to Saskatoon - even got up to +2C from about -6C at Hudson Bay.

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