Friday, March 9, 2012

So Far This Week

Monday, Peter went with Jason to 'school'.
Makenna and I caught snowflakes on our tongues!
We played a round of Mouse Trap!!!
Peter came back with pictures of the building they had classes in!
Nolan showing off his dog Sparky, a "remote controlled dog" made from recycled material!
Went to Port Dover beach. It was suppose to be warm! Guess who's cold!
The lighthouse is an attraction there.
A quick picture before heading to "Tim's" to warm up!
All Daeton got was the box!
Was warmer at Simcoe so Grandpa and Nolan went for a ride!
And in between times I've been doing some sewing of African material into little outfits for grandchildren in Alberta. This is all you will see now as they are to be a 'surprise' for when we get there!


  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: You guys have been busy......enjoy your time