Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Alfred Frank Salmond
Born January 4, 1920
Verndale, Saskatchewan
Died December 31, 1974
Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan
Buried January 4, 1975

Peter Claude Salmond  - Alfred Frank Salmond on Skip

Peter was at a camp in 2008 and saw a horse just like his dad's. He got me to take a picture of him, one like he remembered of his father on a white horse, taken sometime in the early 1970's. When we got home and saw the two pictures together, we noticed a few differences, as you can see! But it is nice to have the two pictures.

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  1. Hello Peter and Diane,
    I enjoyed your blog this morning. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, experiences, and ministry with us. How great to include Uncle Alfred on the horse facing Peter. He would be proud of you.
    God be with you.