Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning French

Okay I've started! Don't know how far I'll take it, but I want to learn French.
It 'seems' like everyone here expects us to know French. They will greet us with "Bonjour.", thinking we will answer and talk to them in French. So if you do answer with the little bit of French that I do know, it actually is dangerous, because I have to always explain that I only know English. They will ask us where we are from and when they hear "Canada.", they say "Canadians should know French!" Then we give the excuse that we are from Western Canada and didn't have it enforce upon us.
And now I'm kicking myself for not learning French.  So I found a wonderful free program online to download. I've taken the first lesson or so and have found it quite enjoyable.

Byki Language Learning Software Downloads.

It seems to be the best that I've found - didn't do too much research, but I like the way this one teaches.

S'il vous plait. Check it out!

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  1. Learn French online...! It's fun and it works.!