Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frank Sewing Association

We had the wonderful opportunity to go and see the Frank Sewing School in Burema, Rwanda today. Thanks to Ron & Sheila, Audrey & Jerold, and our tour guide, Dennis.
The church, school building, and rabbit farm, far left.
All the ladies but 2 were working in the fields while we were there.
New born baby rabbits. (Hard to see)
Happy rabbit farmer, Father James, who has already helped someone else get started in the community!
Took a little tour of Burema, and the children would follow us, and before you knew it they had slipped their hands into yours!
I was so glad that we were able to visit there.
Glad too, to hear and see how a little education can help people!
So excited to know that we will be coming back and helping others in another needy community!

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