Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cards from Africa

Just down the street from where we live right now, is a place called 'Cards from Africa'. Usually when we go for a walk it is after 5PM and they are closed. We heard about this place from a friend and happened one day to go for a walk earlier in the afternoon and decided to stop in. They were very busy with making cards, but the accountant was there, and gave us a tour of how they make their paper from used paper they get from businesses, color it, and use it to make the cards. It was nice to hear all about it, and the way they are helping orphans make a living! We purchased a few, and were excited to know that they start each morning off with a time of worship to God. They have a website and will ship the cards to anyone who places an order. I'm sure you will enjoy the webpage - Cards from Africa, and maybe just get your next cards from there!

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