Friday, January 27, 2012

We are now in Canada

We are home in Canada now. We thought that there would be more snow here, but there seems to be no more than a skiff! We are going to be busy with traveling, visiting, paperwork, and sharing with others our time in Rwanda in the few months we are here in North America!!!
We hope to get to see all of you, but I can't promise.
Do contact us, we are willing to see you if it would work out!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home to Canada

We are flying home right now. We have spent 7 months in Rwanda and Burundi. It has been a wonderful, warm time, and we do not regret spending it there. We were called by God to go and we did. And we will go back!

But right now is the time to see our children and grandchildren, and family members, and catch up on the news in North America. We have missed family for some time now and will be more than glad to spend time visiting and sharing hugs! We hope to be busy with visiting our supporters and supporting Churches during this time also.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I believe God is leading

Well, we have this friend, Alex, here in Rwanda. He was Peter's translator, in May 2010 when we were here then. He has wanted us to visit his village, since we landed in Rwanda in June 2011. It didn't work out for us to go during our lecture phase of DTS (Discipleship Training School), nor did it work for us to go during our outreach phase, as we were in Burundi! So when we got back, we decided that Dec. 29 to Jan. 1st weekend, would work for all of us. We traveled with Alex to Nyagatare, Rwanda. It was about a 2 hour drive by bus, out to the northeast area of Rwanda. As we rode, we noticed the land changing, it wasn't like around Kigali. In fact, it was looking a lot like the area of Saskatchewan in which I grew up. The trees weren't much different, the cattle weren't very different, and the people are not that different either! And the weather was like a warm summer day in Saskatchewan! We had a wonderful time ministering there for the weekend. Thursday was witnessing, and teaching, and Friday was the same. Saturday, we were witness to 20 believers being baptized! Sunday, was a time for a service, and goodbyes! We were truly loved by the congregation and we were blessed to be there. The hunger they showed to hear the Word of God, was dear to us, and it was a blessing to be an encouragement to them.
 You can see pictures of all this on the Happy New Years! post.
Ryabega is the village, where Alex is pastor of the church, and has a burden to help the people there.


We were wanting to see the places that YWAM Rwanda have here in Rwanda, there are 3. So we traveled to one of the places last week. As we were traveling there in the taxi car, along with Method (he & his wife are directors here at the YWAM base) and Remco (another fellow from Holland), we were noticing that it was looking very familiar! Yep, we were going to the same place. We were exactly in the same area as Alex's village. In fact we could even see the village we were at the last weekend in Dec. across the valley on the next hill.
Ryabega across on the next hill.
We really were excited to see the water tanks on the YWAM land, the well in the valley that supplies water to the tanks on the hill, and to hear about the plans for the land. It seemed like it was the same as the vision Alex has for the village - education for all ages.
The water tanks that supply water to those living close.
The well pump/generator situated in the valley.

Being that we were in that specific area, by two different men, and not even knowing that the two pieces of land were that close, we really feel that God is telling us something! We are looking into seeing what God wants us to do when we come back after our trip to Canada, and it is really looking like we will be working in the Mutare area of Rwanda.  (click here and it should open a Google map showing you how to get from Kigali to Nyagatare passing through Ryabega!)

Pray with us as we listen to what God is wanting us to do in this area, as we believe He is calling us to work there. The need is great! We pray that we will fit in, and be a help, and show God's love to the people we will work with.

Cards from Africa

Just down the street from where we live right now, is a place called 'Cards from Africa'. Usually when we go for a walk it is after 5PM and they are closed. We heard about this place from a friend and happened one day to go for a walk earlier in the afternoon and decided to stop in. They were very busy with making cards, but the accountant was there, and gave us a tour of how they make their paper from used paper they get from businesses, color it, and use it to make the cards. It was nice to hear all about it, and the way they are helping orphans make a living! We purchased a few, and were excited to know that they start each morning off with a time of worship to God. They have a website and will ship the cards to anyone who places an order. I'm sure you will enjoy the webpage - Cards from Africa, and maybe just get your next cards from there!

Friday, January 20, 2012

You will love this!

I've been following Kisses from Katie - The Journey - blog and have enjoyed it so much. If you get a chance you should visit there and read what is happening in her life. I'd love to read her book some time too - Kisses from Katie, (which you may find in your favorite store).
I notice that she is posting to another site too, (in)courage and was very touched by a post on there entitled: Praying For Strangers: The Resolution.
Like I said if you get a chance to read them do - you will not regret it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frank Sewing Association

We had the wonderful opportunity to go and see the Frank Sewing School in Burema, Rwanda today. Thanks to Ron & Sheila, Audrey & Jerold, and our tour guide, Dennis.
The church, school building, and rabbit farm, far left.
All the ladies but 2 were working in the fields while we were there.
New born baby rabbits. (Hard to see)
Happy rabbit farmer, Father James, who has already helped someone else get started in the community!
Took a little tour of Burema, and the children would follow us, and before you knew it they had slipped their hands into yours!
I was so glad that we were able to visit there.
Glad too, to hear and see how a little education can help people!
So excited to know that we will be coming back and helping others in another needy community!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday

Okay so this isn't you - you're not old, nor yellow! I will have to get another picture of you! (hee, hee)
Happy Birthday Jason!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Building a Church

Our last week of DTS Outreach the team built a 'church'!!!
Dec. 5-10, 2011
Well here are a few pics!!!
Starting out  framing walls.

Sawing to the right length!


Filling in where the rain gutter is.

First tarp!

Almost finished - taking a break!

Not sure what to say here!!!


Shows where the rain gutter is at the top of the low wall.

Just about finished with the roof!
Building the stage!


Next day - Sunday Morning Worship!!!!

A church full!!!

Praying for those who accepted Jesus as Lord of their life!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Learning French

Okay I've started! Don't know how far I'll take it, but I want to learn French.
It 'seems' like everyone here expects us to know French. They will greet us with "Bonjour.", thinking we will answer and talk to them in French. So if you do answer with the little bit of French that I do know, it actually is dangerous, because I have to always explain that I only know English. They will ask us where we are from and when they hear "Canada.", they say "Canadians should know French!" Then we give the excuse that we are from Western Canada and didn't have it enforce upon us.
And now I'm kicking myself for not learning French.  So I found a wonderful free program online to download. I've taken the first lesson or so and have found it quite enjoyable.

Byki Language Learning Software Downloads.

It seems to be the best that I've found - didn't do too much research, but I like the way this one teaches.

S'il vous plait. Check it out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Alfred Frank Salmond
Born January 4, 1920
Verndale, Saskatchewan
Died December 31, 1974
Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan
Buried January 4, 1975

Peter Claude Salmond  - Alfred Frank Salmond on Skip

Peter was at a camp in 2008 and saw a horse just like his dad's. He got me to take a picture of him, one like he remembered of his father on a white horse, taken sometime in the early 1970's. When we got home and saw the two pictures together, we noticed a few differences, as you can see! But it is nice to have the two pictures.

Got the pictures uploaded

check out the New Year's post!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years!

I know, I'm one day late! We were out in a village and were doing ministry work and had no time to go to the internet. It was a very exciting weekend, evangelizing and visiting and meeting new friends and also doing a bit of teaching! Oh, and the baptisms were great!

The children that came to the afternoon meetings.
Peter teaching!
Peter teaching!
The area around Nyagatare, and Ryabega, Rwanda where we were.
2 of the 20 people that were baptized on Saturday.
2 of the 20 people that were baptized on Saturday.
Blue Sky Hotel in Nyagatare where we stayed!
A few of the many cattle we saw.
Down river from where the baptisms took place.
Sylivia, my translator! Now a best Friend!
Alex and Epiphanie - Pastor of Jesus is Lord Church,  a wonderful couple! (with 4 children)