Monday, December 31, 2012

Community Day

Every last Saturday of the month is Community Day! This is when every able bodied person is to help clean, do work in their community. We never go  - they wouldn't likely let us work anyway! We have a hard enough time convincing them that we can do stuff. No businesses are open, no taxis are running, and no one is out and about, unless they are going to work at the designated place. Even Children's Ministry is canceled. Anyway this last Saturday in December we were able to do some work around the yard (without getting "No Mommy, No Daddy!) This root have been an eyesore for just a little too long!

This frog jumped away from under the root when it was partially out!

And Peter did a temporary steps in it's place.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy 12th Anniversary!

The Sewing Test

Just some of the items that the students are making for their final sewing test! There will be a written one too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What We Have Been Doing

I'm been knitting toe socks!

Just about one done now!

Had to cook our own meals.

It was very tasty, I must say. Rice with cooked chinese cabbage, and refried beans.

Peter needed to get up on the roof to fix a rag in the peak.

Yep, take the shoes off.

Okay we will try the ladder from the neighbors.

Yep that better,

Sure with that spiral staircase was put here.

Surveying the next step.

This is the reason for getting up on the roof. This bird and it's mate are taking in big pieces of whatever and making a terrible noise then one of pieces fall out of place and roll down.
Before picture of the one Peter was up there to fix.
The after picture.
Our first carrot, small, but we wanted our own for Christmas dinner.

Plan to plant onions, and celery. Did and also lettuce and carrots. One row of each.

Not much to do on Christmas Day so Peter prepared the soil for planting.
Our Christmas Dinner. Notice the Watermelon "cheesecake". (really was missing all the traditional dishes)

The chicken was cooked at a restaurant, the beets were from our garden as were the carrots. Pickles, potatoes Peter found in the store.
We were able to talk with LaDonna and her family on the 23rd, and with them and John and Jazmine on the 24th. Jason and his family on the 25th as well as Kirk and his family.  They were great visits and we missed being with all of them. I'm thinking that we will try to be in Canada for next Christmas.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

We are celebrating a second Christmas in Rwanda. I can't believe that we have been here for two Christmases. We are missing our children and grandchildren this year. ( I'm thinking next year may be spent else where!!!).
We are reminded of Jesus this Christmas. Doing what we are doing over here, it's not easy to forget. We are more than Blessed with the 'family' we have here. And we are more than Thankful to be in ministry work for Him!!!
We are alone for about four days, in our house, as we let Alphonsine be with her family. It is really different to be on our own alone. We have been enjoying again, doing everything ourselves. But with the ministry work too, I'm glad we have help on a daily base.

Friday, December 21, 2012

An Early Celebration

Because Alphonsine is not with us for the next 5 days, 
we celebrated Christmas last night with her before she went.
This is our party food!
Alphonsine - never experienced this before.
Peter knowing what's coming!
We give her a gift.
She rips a piece off,
and knew what it was!
Her FIRST Holy Bible, in Kinyarwandan, just like the one we had in the house that she was using.
Now she has her own, and she didn't stop reading it, even to eat the party food!
What a Blessing to give a gift that means so much to someone! 
I think this is the best (so far), Christmas celebration for 2012!
I'm sure there's lots more to come!

The Progress Is Great!

Below are some of the bags all the students were to make. Some have zippered pockets on the inside and/or on the outside, and they may have put a patch pocket on the inside. They were made a couple of weeks ago, and some of them are using them everyday to bring their sewing project that they are working on now. Even the community is noticing the work the students are doing and are impressed.
 Below is some of the requirements for graduation that the students are working on now. They include a shirt with collar and buttons with hand stitched buttonholes, a pair of shorts/pants with zipper and waistband, and a dress with a zipper. They have to sew these items for someone else, and they or the person they are sewing for has to supply the materials. After they are done with these items and are marked, they have to sew another shirt, pants, and dress with materials we will provide for them and they have to be sewn for a 12 year old person. We are hoping to get a 'job' sewing for a school, the uniforms for the children! After that if they still have time they will be sewing the above bags and the small lined zippered bag we made a while back, for sale at their Graduation! (February 1st, 2013)
Sorry I don't have more pictures - hopefully later. I have been very impressed with the items they are sewing. Everything is sewn with a treadle machine and no pins! I was asked today where I got my pins, I don't use them too often as I know they don't have any, had to say 'Canada!'. I'm thinking that may be an item they would like - But they are doing such a great job with out them!