Monday, November 7, 2011

A November Update

First week of November 2011


We are doing great here in Africa. It has been some time since we wrote and would like to let you know that we are doing great! We have truly been blessed in doing the Lord's Work!

At the time I am writing this, (pre- written because we have power now but not internet access, and don't know when I will get this sent), we have 6 weeks left of DTS (Discipleship Training School). The four and a half months have flown by and we have been blessed by serving God here, as I said. We have been in Burundi Africa for 6 weeks doing the outreach part. The first place was cooler, at Gitega Burundi, than when we were in Kigali Rwanda, and now this second place, Bujumbura Burundi, is hotter than Kigali. We have enjoyed the change and realize that coming back to Canada in the middle of winter will be a great shock!!!!

The work in Gitega was both evangelical and physical labour. We built bricks out of mud and then built a toilet out of the bricks. We also, for the same couple and son, put windows in their small house. Peter built the windows (two were made so he copied from those) 4 in total, and Diane sewed the curtains for them (by hand). All of the team had a chance to help with the toilet. We did door-to-door ministry, children ministry, church ministry, and sport ministry. Getting involved in the lives of the people living in the area. We, as a team, were sad to leave as we felt like we may have abandoned those that came to know Jesus and need more discipleship. Pray that the Christians there would take up where we left off.

There is such a need here, that we didn't see in Canada. The need, for not only the work of the Holy Spirit, but the physical needs of the people. Because we are white, we are associated with wealth! And it hurts us to just not be able to help as we see the needs. Their greatest need is of course, to know Jesus and have the freedom to see Him work in their lives. In a way it is a bit frustrating to be taking the time to go through DTS, but we realize that that is what God wanted, and that it is the best way for us to get to know the people, language and culture. We have been learning a little bit of the language, mostly our fellow students are teaching us. The children have been learning English in school and so they try out their knowledge of English on us when they see us. "Good Morning" in the middle of the afternoon, is what we hear often, and "How are you?" too. They also talk French to us thinking that all white know it, but being from Western Canada and not being forced to learn it, it leaves us regretting that decision.

Continue please to pray for us as we "Finish Well" with the time we have here in Africa. I, Diane, have experienced a little bit of digestive problem, but am doing well. Peter has been doing great too. We are very thankful for your prayers, and have realized that we cannot do this without the prayer support we have.

Thanks again, and may God be with you,

Diane & Peter Salmond

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