Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miss Everyone.

We are doing well! we are finished 3 of the 5 weeks here in Gitega Burundi, then we travel to Bujumbura, Burundi and will be there for 5 weeks and then one week for the Graduation.

We have made bricks for a toilet that we are building for a couple and their son. We made windows and installed them and then I made curtains for the windows. It was fun, and I enjoyed doing that for them. This week I believe we will be building the toilet with the bricks we made. I've taken lots of pictures but those will have to come later.

We have had opportunity to help out at the Youth For Christ Centre that is down the road a ways. We, as a team, have had opportunity to share Christ with the other workers. Peter and I don't communicate verbally with the nationals but we do it otherwise as best we can.

It is cooler here in Gitega than it was in Kigali, Rwanda. And we have been told that it is very hot in Bujumbura.
Continue to keep us in your prayers, and we love and miss you all terribly much!