Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet Jaggen and Ruth and Family

The following is a letter from Jaggen - our DTS Leader and his wife Ruth. They are wonderful people who are dedicated to God and are being led by Him to serve in Burundi Africa.

Dear Friends,                    September 18, 2011

Hello, my name is Jaggen Nzunguri. I am married to my wonderful wife Ruth of 4 years, and we have 2 children, Praise and Favor. We have been with YWAM Rwanda for six years.  I have been working in Discipleship Training School (DTS), and with a mercy ministry that works with people who have HIV and AIDS, and with street kids. I also work with other YWAM bases in East Africa.

Right now I am the leader of the DTS June school. We will be going to Burundi on the 22 of September, 2011 for 3 months of outreach ministry. There are 17 DTS students who have been under my leadership. Also coming with me are 2 other DTS staff, who will help me. We will be working in 2 different places, of 5 weeks each, in Burundi. The ministry work we will do as a DTS team is evangelism, mercy ministry, teaching, discipling, and also reconciliation.   

I am telling you all of this because YWAM is a faith support mission, meaning my support comes through the people God has spoken to. Our goal as a family, is to pioneer a YWAM base in Burundi, which is my home country. My family and I will be staying in Burundi after the DTS students are finished their outreach. As we are moving to Burundi we will need financial support from those who are called by God to support us.

Our needs are the following:
Rent –                                 300,000 Frb (Burundi Franc)    ($250.00 USD)
Power –                              60,000                                        ($50.00)
Water –                               60,000                                        ($50.00)
Food –                                500,000                                      ($400.00)
Phone & Internet –             50,000                                        ($40.00)
Praise’s School Fees –        66,000                                        ($55.00)
School Transportation –     120,000                                      ($100.00)
Total:                                  1,156,000 Frb                             ($945.00 USD)

The support we have already coming in totals 125,000 Frb ($100.00 USD) we praise God for this.

Prayer Requests:
- Through friends that God will meet our financial needs.
- God's protection on our family in Burundi
- Health for us.
- Opportunities or open doors for ministry.
- More staff to join us in Burundi.

You are welcome to contact us for more information at:
Tel: (+25779936393)
We are also on Facebook – Jaggen  Nzunguri , Ruth Ndoricimpa
I also have a blog – Vision for YWAM Burundi -

God bless,
Jaggen & Ruth

You can also support them through YWAM Vancouver Canada the same as you would for us, except that you would put Jaggen Nzunguri's name instead of ours. Please pray for them and give as the Lord God leads you.

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