Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday's Outreach

We walked to outreach - about 1 hour - uphill most of the way! 
We went with  two YWAM Staff that work 
This is just one of many of the places APRECOM works at in/near Kigali.

I'm not sunburned, but I am very hot! Only about half way there!

Same time, this is what we were climbing.

This is where we came from.

On the first distant hill, is where the YWAM Base is.

Chicks with hen at the yard where we ministered.

I was basically told to take the motorbike home with Amiss, a YWAM APRECOM Staff.

I think this is my first motorbike ride (in a skirt)! No need for a helmet, it was a very safe ride!

Tonny and Moise, two fellow students, very near the place where we ministered. Not as many hills south of there.

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  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: when I started reading...I thought it was about our childhood....walking to school uphill all the way, barefoot in a foot of lol

    that looks like a long hot walk...the ride on the moto looks more my style