Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special Sunday

Today we went to be with Favor and her family as she was dedicated at her church.
The first time she has been off the base, her first outing!
Jaggen & Ruth, Praise and Favor.
We are just leaving to catch a 'bus', the YWAM base sign is beside Peter's head.
I knew Jaggen was worship leader at his church, I didn't know he knew how to play the keyboard. The man is full of surprises!
Mama Favor giving her praise to God! Pastor is holding Favor.
Church Leaders praying for Favor.
On the way home, we walked past this statue in Kigali, a woman and child.
And later, had brochettes and potatoes, and Fanta, at a restaurant near the YWAM base, Praise's favorite.
It was a wonderful time for all! Although, Mama Favor, Favor and Chantelle had to head back right after the walk past the statue. (But we did bring brochettes home for them!)
Thanks Jaggen's family for a wonderful time to share with you! (and Moise for translating!)

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