Wednesday, August 31, 2011


No, it's not a spelling mistake! 
Don't ask me to pronounce it, 
although I've been told a number of times!
But I do know that it means material or cloth!
I bought some igitenge and then asked a shop down the street from here to sew it up. And specifically asked her to save me all the scraps. She was very generous and even gave me scraps of other material that she had laying around.
1st material - was a smaller piece, 4 yds. I think.
Made a 2 piece outfit with pockets, and scraps for quilts.
2nd material, 6 yds I believe.
Made this outfit, with pockets, the head piece is big enough to wear as a wrap skirt!
The extra material she gave me.
 I just bought the material and paid to get it sewn up. In the price of sewing it up - included the thread, 4 zippers, 2 buttons, and lining for the tops and the top of one of the skirts! All for the price of what I'd probably pay for the thread to sew both items! I really miss my machine, but I couldn't have sewn these up for that. Now I'm set with two more skirt outfits for outreach!


  1. hey, i saw the material and scraps....looking good. Your outfits are very Rwanda-looking! They look great on you, but of course I am thinking only of a quilt!!! LK

  2. Esther Lee
    saw the iqet...material and dresses. Hat is weird, but otherwise looks great. You are getting quite brown, and not red, red, red :) so glad Miss you