Thursday, July 28, 2011

Practice, rain, game, books and a skirt!

We've been practicing as a team all this week and last. Some are doing a choreographed song, then we are all involved in a skit, and there is a song we will do too. We will be going on 'outreach' this Sunday to a church somewhere not to far away. It is the first time for us as a team to do this. So you ca pray for us as a team this Sunday, July 31st.

Last week we went out in groups of 3 or 4 and did an hour of witnessing just down the streets from the base. It was a good experience. We used the EvangeCube! (same as the one we used last year when we were here.)

Today it rained a bit. They usually don't get rain at this time of year. Personally, I'm glad it rained. It has been really dry, the grass is turning brown and my nose is noticing the dryness. Also have noticed that I need to drink more water too. Everything has a fine layer of dust on it, inside and outside buildings. The rain was very refreshing!

Today we did the 'Angel Game'. Nothing new except the name of the game. We picked names and we now each have a 'secret prayer partner'. I like the name - Angel Game!

We are 1/3 of the way through our class room time - 2 months left of class room time and 3 months of outreach. WOW! Saying it that way makes it seem like it's a long time till we will be done. But we will look back and consider the 6 months well spent. We have been learning a lot! This week is on "The Fear of God, Pride and Humility". The teachers have been great and the teaching has been wonderful. Each week is a new topic and a new teacher! We have 3 books to read and reports on them to hand in during the 3 months. A new book of the Bible to read and report on each week. And a Journal due every Monday morning about the week before that has to be 4 pages long. There is work duty 3 to 4 times a week. And then help in the kitchen on the weekends.

Last Saturday when we were out, we went to the 'market' where the seller has 1,000 items in 2 sq. ft. to sell it in. We were looking at skirts for me and I noticed a white with red lettering tag on an item. There were no tags on any of the items of clothing - it's all used. Yes, if you've guessed right, it was a "Value Village" tag. I tried to show Peter, and one of the 'guys' realized I was trying to, so he helped. We had a good laugh. Trouble is I never got anything that day. They were asking more for the skirt that I did pick out than what I would have paid for it in Canada at Value Village! I've heard it is better to go at the end of the day - like you would garage sales and get it cheaper because they want to get rid of it! We will have to go another time. (We even had a local person go with us to help us!)

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