Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Party

 This party was 'bitter-sweet'!

I cried and I laughed.

We have a fellow student, John Sunday, that had no birth date, and we found it out awhile back, 
so we gave him the same birth date as our son, because he was born in the same year as Kirk.
Well today we, Peter and I, went up town and bought a cake for John's birthday party.
While we were riding the bus up town, I got to thinking that the only thing I did for Kirk's 
birthday was to post "Happy Birthday, Kirk" and a picture on my blog! and I started to cry. 
Here I was going to buy a cake and spend money on John and I hadn't even bought anything for Kirk. 
(I'm sorry Kirk! I still love you very much, just like I love all my children!) 
Anyway, we got the cake, and we got decorations from the "GO Team" that is here at the base from Holland. They had someone on the team celebrate their birthday since they've come and so they had a few decorations, and I asked if we could use them, and they graciously gave them to us. So I'm sure that they will be well used by the time the 6 months are up! Thanks GO Team for your generosity!!!! 
The party turned out great and we prayed for John that he would have many more great birthdays. 

And then, they prayed for Kirk! 

That was so great! 

I can hardly believe all the consideration that is taken 
to make each and everyone of us feel so loved while we are here. 

So Kirk, 
they wanted me to make sure that you knew they prayed for you, 
and will pray for you,
and that they all say Hi! 
and that they all wish you a very Happy Birthday!
and that they all consider you their brother!
and that they were glad to celebrate with 'your twin' here!
I hope Kirk, you were able to have a celebration with friends and family today too!

Peter said we should have put Kirk's name on it too!
Happy Birthday John!
The guitar player was instrumental (no pun intended) in John being here at DTS and has been here this week translating for our teacher. It was cool that he was here for this week.


  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says: your story brought tears to my eyes...I know that feeling. Damian turned 16 well I was gone, I had celebrated many birthdays in the DR with the kids....but missed his most special day. Then my friend Shelley packed him up and flew with him to see me......what a great thing to do....made it all better !!! Kirk understands I am did a great thing for someone else in his honour !!

  2. Peter Claude Salmond says: Thank you Marlene ,it was a fun night, this young man at 30 had never had a birthday party before, he stood and said he was over whelmed no one had ever done anything like this for him before. As you seen it was a joint effort between our whole DTS class and some of the leaders it was great.

  3. Leona Maye Kent says: Wow! I am sure that Kirk is touched that more than just friends and family from North America will be celebrating his birthday. Prayers from Rwanda!!!!that's a great birthday gift.

  4. Esther Lee says: what a wonderful way to comemerate both boys :)