Monday, July 25, 2011


Meals are prepared on 3 coal burners.
Sorry it's a bit dark but you can see the three pots.
Two pots on two 'burner' and one 'burner' with no pot!
The water is heated there too for dishes.
(Reminds me of Watson Lake Bible Camp cooking, except I haven't had to cook here yet!)
Coal stacked in corner in kitchen, bagged and tied.

Green beans with carrots and tomatoes, spaghetti, and pineapple (at the top of the plate). Water every meal!

Typical meal - beans, rice, maize (kind of reminds me of GRITS but it is made much thicker) and vegetable mixture.
Pictured is Sunday breakfast - 2 bread (hotdog bun size), 1 egg, papaya, and "Blue Band" margarine. Our weekday breakfast is just 2 'bread', and 'Blue Band'. We've bought jam to have with it. Also served with tea or milk tea - alternated daily.
Once a week for breakfast we get 2 small bananas, and sorghum porridge - hot, thick, and drinkable (not my favorite). Adding salt helps it go down.
Sunday morning we have to pack our lunch - same every Sunday - 2 passion fruit, 2 small bananas, and 2 bread (hotdog bun) per person. We have peanut butter and jam that we bought to help it along. We have learned to take our full portion as we are quite hungry when we get back from church - sometimes 1:30 pm!

Fahamu really likes to eat "Cassava" with his fingers. The white is the cassava root, dried, ground and then cooked to a thick mush, and the green is cassava leaves cooked up to a thick soupy texture. He takes a small piece of white and dips it into the green and swallows without chewing - like spaghetti that goes down without chewing!!!
Again beans with carrots, rice and maize.
Fahamu, again, eating his beans and maize the same as he does the cassava!
Here is Prince having 'faith that he will move the mountain'!
Rice, beans, and greens! with an Avocado. Sometimes we get pineapple! The greens REALLY remind Peter of the greens he had growing up, and we are pretty sure it's the same thing!

Peas (grown till hard like the beans and then cooked) with carrots, rice, banana with carrots and tomato sauce, and papaya.

 I must add here, that we have really enjoyed the meals we have been getting. Everything is vine ripened and so therefore very healthy. The 'cook', (haven't pictured him yet) is very good at what he does and he really 'enjoys' cooking!!! 
Not pictured but we have had cabbage (cole slaw) and it hasn't upset our digestive system. The pineapple has bothered Peter, so he doesn't eat it - though he'd like to! I haven't pictured any meals with meat, but we do get the occasional meat (beef), cooked till it is tender. They have a pressure cooker that they use to cook the beans and the meat. It is used probably every day.
So, we are being well fed!

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  1. Esther Lee says: looks fantastic. Meals are very balanced. Lots of fruit and veggies.