Friday, July 15, 2011

Life This Week

Lots has happened this week, more than these pictures can tell. But it will give you an idea.
James, from England, has been our neighbor since June 24. He left this week on Wed. Thanks for your friendship and jam, peanut butter and marmalade!
John, is our new son! He didn't have a birth date, so we gave him one. Because it was July and he was born in 1981, we told him he could share a birthday with our son Kirk. So he is very happy to have us as 'parents'. He is very glad that he will be celebrating his Birthday this month!
Due to the teaching this week, we all had a chance to - nail to the cross, burn, and bury - our pain. It was a very moving experience to watch as others released their pain to God and renewed a trust in Him!
We were all given a chance to sit on a chair and be the recipients of being Blessed! It was very good to hear "I love you" and "You are a wonderful person" and "God has great things for you!" etc., being said to each and every one of us. This just pictures Peter and I, as you can see, but everyone got a chance to be Blessed and that took a while but it was so worth it!
This week has been extra special. Throughout the week, we, who are now the only white people at the base, and the oldest in the DTS class, have been dubbed "Mom and Dad" (even the leaders are younger than us). We don't mind at all! If it is the only reason for us being here to fill the role of being parents to them (some don't have any parents), then that's just okay! I, personally, have been so blessed this week with "our new children" wanting to do everything for us, yes literally everything - our dishes, sweeping, cleaning our bathroom {and it's not done like in Canada} hauling water, etc. and that's because of the culture, in respect for elders.


  1. I love reading your updates. :) what a different life. :)

  2. Arlene Schapansky says: So great to hear, Diane. Missing you, but we can see you are so happy serving God in Rwanda.

  3. Leona Maye Kent says: Wow, what a wonderful growing experience. It is great to hear of your love for the people but also the people's love for you. May God continue to bless you in Rwanda.

  4. Oops! Sorry, there are 3 other white people that live here on the base. They are on staff here. one married couple and one male married to a Rwandan. I don't see them very often.