Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Party

 This party was 'bitter-sweet'!

I cried and I laughed.

We have a fellow student, John Sunday, that had no birth date, and we found it out awhile back, 
so we gave him the same birth date as our son, because he was born in the same year as Kirk.
Well today we, Peter and I, went up town and bought a cake for John's birthday party.
While we were riding the bus up town, I got to thinking that the only thing I did for Kirk's 
birthday was to post "Happy Birthday, Kirk" and a picture on my blog! and I started to cry. 
Here I was going to buy a cake and spend money on John and I hadn't even bought anything for Kirk. 
(I'm sorry Kirk! I still love you very much, just like I love all my children!) 
Anyway, we got the cake, and we got decorations from the "GO Team" that is here at the base from Holland. They had someone on the team celebrate their birthday since they've come and so they had a few decorations, and I asked if we could use them, and they graciously gave them to us. So I'm sure that they will be well used by the time the 6 months are up! Thanks GO Team for your generosity!!!! 
The party turned out great and we prayed for John that he would have many more great birthdays. 

And then, they prayed for Kirk! 

That was so great! 

I can hardly believe all the consideration that is taken 
to make each and everyone of us feel so loved while we are here. 

So Kirk, 
they wanted me to make sure that you knew they prayed for you, 
and will pray for you,
and that they all say Hi! 
and that they all wish you a very Happy Birthday!
and that they all consider you their brother!
and that they were glad to celebrate with 'your twin' here!
I hope Kirk, you were able to have a celebration with friends and family today too!

Peter said we should have put Kirk's name on it too!
Happy Birthday John!
The guitar player was instrumental (no pun intended) in John being here at DTS and has been here this week translating for our teacher. It was cool that he was here for this week.

Happy Birthday!

  Happy Birthday Kirk!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Practice, rain, game, books and a skirt!

We've been practicing as a team all this week and last. Some are doing a choreographed song, then we are all involved in a skit, and there is a song we will do too. We will be going on 'outreach' this Sunday to a church somewhere not to far away. It is the first time for us as a team to do this. So you ca pray for us as a team this Sunday, July 31st.

Last week we went out in groups of 3 or 4 and did an hour of witnessing just down the streets from the base. It was a good experience. We used the EvangeCube! (same as the one we used last year when we were here.)

Today it rained a bit. They usually don't get rain at this time of year. Personally, I'm glad it rained. It has been really dry, the grass is turning brown and my nose is noticing the dryness. Also have noticed that I need to drink more water too. Everything has a fine layer of dust on it, inside and outside buildings. The rain was very refreshing!

Today we did the 'Angel Game'. Nothing new except the name of the game. We picked names and we now each have a 'secret prayer partner'. I like the name - Angel Game!

We are 1/3 of the way through our class room time - 2 months left of class room time and 3 months of outreach. WOW! Saying it that way makes it seem like it's a long time till we will be done. But we will look back and consider the 6 months well spent. We have been learning a lot! This week is on "The Fear of God, Pride and Humility". The teachers have been great and the teaching has been wonderful. Each week is a new topic and a new teacher! We have 3 books to read and reports on them to hand in during the 3 months. A new book of the Bible to read and report on each week. And a Journal due every Monday morning about the week before that has to be 4 pages long. There is work duty 3 to 4 times a week. And then help in the kitchen on the weekends.

Last Saturday when we were out, we went to the 'market' where the seller has 1,000 items in 2 sq. ft. to sell it in. We were looking at skirts for me and I noticed a white with red lettering tag on an item. There were no tags on any of the items of clothing - it's all used. Yes, if you've guessed right, it was a "Value Village" tag. I tried to show Peter, and one of the 'guys' realized I was trying to, so he helped. We had a good laugh. Trouble is I never got anything that day. They were asking more for the skirt that I did pick out than what I would have paid for it in Canada at Value Village! I've heard it is better to go at the end of the day - like you would garage sales and get it cheaper because they want to get rid of it! We will have to go another time. (We even had a local person go with us to help us!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And Today

So, today, we had this, which we've had before, but I hadn't taken a picture of it and put it with the other meals.
So, we have spaghetti with meat balls, thinly sliced raw onions, cucumber in vinegar, pineapple, and cold bean/potato/carrot salad. That was a GOOD meal!
Also last night we had (and I'll have to get a picture some time) sweet potato, peanut sauce and rice. The sweet potato are white and are quartered lengthwise and then deep fried - and they are good. The peanut/(and a something I don't know and don't like the taste of) sauce is okay.  I'll have to get a picture for you sometime.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Meals are prepared on 3 coal burners.
Sorry it's a bit dark but you can see the three pots.
Two pots on two 'burner' and one 'burner' with no pot!
The water is heated there too for dishes.
(Reminds me of Watson Lake Bible Camp cooking, except I haven't had to cook here yet!)
Coal stacked in corner in kitchen, bagged and tied.

Green beans with carrots and tomatoes, spaghetti, and pineapple (at the top of the plate). Water every meal!

Typical meal - beans, rice, maize (kind of reminds me of GRITS but it is made much thicker) and vegetable mixture.
Pictured is Sunday breakfast - 2 bread (hotdog bun size), 1 egg, papaya, and "Blue Band" margarine. Our weekday breakfast is just 2 'bread', and 'Blue Band'. We've bought jam to have with it. Also served with tea or milk tea - alternated daily.
Once a week for breakfast we get 2 small bananas, and sorghum porridge - hot, thick, and drinkable (not my favorite). Adding salt helps it go down.
Sunday morning we have to pack our lunch - same every Sunday - 2 passion fruit, 2 small bananas, and 2 bread (hotdog bun) per person. We have peanut butter and jam that we bought to help it along. We have learned to take our full portion as we are quite hungry when we get back from church - sometimes 1:30 pm!

Fahamu really likes to eat "Cassava" with his fingers. The white is the cassava root, dried, ground and then cooked to a thick mush, and the green is cassava leaves cooked up to a thick soupy texture. He takes a small piece of white and dips it into the green and swallows without chewing - like spaghetti that goes down without chewing!!!
Again beans with carrots, rice and maize.
Fahamu, again, eating his beans and maize the same as he does the cassava!
Here is Prince having 'faith that he will move the mountain'!
Rice, beans, and greens! with an Avocado. Sometimes we get pineapple! The greens REALLY remind Peter of the greens he had growing up, and we are pretty sure it's the same thing!

Peas (grown till hard like the beans and then cooked) with carrots, rice, banana with carrots and tomato sauce, and papaya.

 I must add here, that we have really enjoyed the meals we have been getting. Everything is vine ripened and so therefore very healthy. The 'cook', (haven't pictured him yet) is very good at what he does and he really 'enjoys' cooking!!! 
Not pictured but we have had cabbage (cole slaw) and it hasn't upset our digestive system. The pineapple has bothered Peter, so he doesn't eat it - though he'd like to! I haven't pictured any meals with meat, but we do get the occasional meat (beef), cooked till it is tender. They have a pressure cooker that they use to cook the beans and the meat. It is used probably every day.
So, we are being well fed!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today We Had A Hamburger

Yes we did and was it the very best hamburger in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!

at Cafe & Resto Olympiade Ltd. Kigali, Rwanda
Sorry but yes you really have to come all the way here to taste the best!
And it had nothing to do that it was 2 PM by the time we got to eat 
(not because the meal was late, we just got to the cafe late)
Thanks Evelyne for taking us there, what a treat!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrate B-day for Vincent

This is the first student Birthday that we celebrated!
We made popcorn on the coal 'burner', and made great salted peanuts and had 'Fanta" too!
Happy Birthday Vincent! (orange shirt sitting in the chair under the light)
Great time to celebrate! Some of the students have never celebrated their birthdays!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Weekend July 16 and 17

This weekend was full. There was a wedding at the base here - two of the staff got married. It was a two day affair, and new to us.

Day one.

Day two.

Sunday morning.
We also went to the fourth church in the four weeks we've been here. This time it was to our "new son's" church, and we got a few pictures.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life This Week

Lots has happened this week, more than these pictures can tell. But it will give you an idea.
James, from England, has been our neighbor since June 24. He left this week on Wed. Thanks for your friendship and jam, peanut butter and marmalade!
John, is our new son! He didn't have a birth date, so we gave him one. Because it was July and he was born in 1981, we told him he could share a birthday with our son Kirk. So he is very happy to have us as 'parents'. He is very glad that he will be celebrating his Birthday this month!
Due to the teaching this week, we all had a chance to - nail to the cross, burn, and bury - our pain. It was a very moving experience to watch as others released their pain to God and renewed a trust in Him!
We were all given a chance to sit on a chair and be the recipients of being Blessed! It was very good to hear "I love you" and "You are a wonderful person" and "God has great things for you!" etc., being said to each and every one of us. This just pictures Peter and I, as you can see, but everyone got a chance to be Blessed and that took a while but it was so worth it!
This week has been extra special. Throughout the week, we, who are now the only white people at the base, and the oldest in the DTS class, have been dubbed "Mom and Dad" (even the leaders are younger than us). We don't mind at all! If it is the only reason for us being here to fill the role of being parents to them (some don't have any parents), then that's just okay! I, personally, have been so blessed this week with "our new children" wanting to do everything for us, yes literally everything - our dishes, sweeping, cleaning our bathroom {and it's not done like in Canada} hauling water, etc. and that's because of the culture, in respect for elders.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Favor Gabriella

Favor is her name, and she's 3 weeks old. 
She was born just after we got here. 
Today we went to visit her, Jaggen, Ruth and brother Praise!

If you notice above my head is a picture of their family without the newest addition. We were able to take a family picture and give them a copy. Praise God for digital cameras and computers!

It is culturally acceptable to call the father of the family "Papa and then the name of the youngest child" - 'Papa Favor', and the mother too - 'Mama Favor'.

Some of the other students in our class are young, and so therefore to show respect to us they will do things for us, and they want to call us 'Papa ___ and Mama ___". One of the gals asked me the names of our children and at the end of the conversation she said that she would like to call me "Mama John"! I'm not so sure that I'd respond to that as I'm not used to it, but it was very nice of her to show me respect in that way. It makes Peter and I feel accepted by these dear young Christians that we are studying with.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

DTS Week 2

We have had a great week!

We got our work duty this week, and I'm in the Communication/Reception Office answering emails. (still learning) and Peter is in maintenance, sorry no picture yet! But he is enjoying it!

The majority of the Hong Kong team left this week, made for a lower noise level in the dining room at meal times! They were good to have and they had a great time of ministry in the area too!

The progress on the new staff housing building is coming along. I believe it will hold two families.

This is three of the 17 in our class doing their work duty - HAPPILY!!! Great job guys!

The turkeys look like it must be getting close to Thanksgiving, I hope!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Grandchild

It's a Boy!

Daeton Reese Salmond
8 lbs. 15 oz.
Born July 6, 2011
at 7:58 PM
son to Jason & Becky,
brother to Nolan & Makenna!
Blessings on each of you!
Blessings on you
as you lean on God for guidance
in bringing up your family to love Jesus.