Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Ready To Go

Dear Supporters,

Some of you may be wondering what's been happening in our lives the last few weeks. Well, an awful lot!

We had about 9 days of garage sales and moved out of our house and cleaned it for the possession date - yes it has been sold - May 20, 2011.  That about covers the days from the 1st of April til the 20th of May. We were able to sell a lot of our worldly possessions, and the stuff we wanted to keep is in a 10 ft. by 16 ft. shed at a friend's place just out of Prince Albert. We gave some of the stuff away, and the rest we threw out. We also sold the truck just before we left for a two week trip to the USA. We still have the car and so we drove down to Huntsville, Alabama. We had a very safe trip there, stopping at Strasbourg to see Diane's Mom and Dad and Betty and Ron Howard.  We had a wonderful time with Kirk and his family, and took more time coming back. - we did some "all night driving" on the way down. We stopped to see Auntie Deone Gruchy on the way back and it happened that we also visited with a few cousins, Verla, Lorelee, and Linda and Lee. And at Strasbourg we visited again with Mom and Dad, Ron and Betty, and Kelvin and Arlene.

We arrived back in Prince Albert June 4th, and paid the last of the bills, etc. We still have the car to sell, and to sort through the last of the 'stuff' - what fits into the 50 lbs. category will be going with us! We are planning on staying with Leona and Fraser (Diane's sister) in Saskatoon till we fly overseas.

Please continue to pray for us as we have a few things to do before we fly out June 15th. On June 16th we will be landing in Kigali, Rwanda.  We will have a few days before DTS starts on June 27th to get settled and hopefully meet up with a few friends we met last year.

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