Friday, June 24, 2011

First Week

We have been here now for about one week. I think we've settled into the time change.

There hasn't been much to do, except to go to the market, Nakumatt, a grocery/hardware store, to pick up items that we "need". A pail to help with the laundry, toilet paper (as we have to provide our own), electric cord, to plug in our Canadian items, umbrellas, and a cell phone.

We have not had a problem with the food, it is cooked well and is tasty. We have mostly, beans and rice. Cassava is a favorite with them, they eat everything but the stock. Leaves and root (two different ways) and it's not bad. Cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and peas are some vegetables we've had.  Bananas, papaya, pineapple, avocados, passion fruit and oranges are the fruits. Although banana can become a vegetable. We've also had spaghetti. Breakfast is either, black tea with sugar or milk tea with sugar, and bread (like hotdog buns but a bit bigger) that you spread “Blue Band” - margarine on, or a drinkable porridge made from something (?) (they have told us but I didn't write it down). There has been some beef in the meals but not like we are used to. Our digestive systems are getting used to all the vegetables and fruit. And we have been drinking the filtered water and been doing okay. We are very thankful to God for this.

Our room is large with a bed, table, two chairs and a small cupboard. We hope to get a 'wardrobe' to hang our clothes in rather than on the line that is hung from window to window, as you can see in the pictures.

Cupboard where we would like to have a closet/wardrobe.
Temporary closet where we want to put the cupboard.
 We went for a walk up the road and there are little shops all along the way. They sell everything from meat to cell phones! We found one lady store owner who spoke English and we bought Fanta (pop) from her. Two pop, old glass bottles, cost less than a Canadian dollar, that was our treat for the week.

We have been learning a few words, mostly greeting words. We are also learning how to clean things Rwandan style, bathing, clothes, and rooms.

Peter had a cough before we left Canada and got medication for it but it came back so he went to see the Doctor here with another fellow, Jaggen, and got more meds. He is doing fine now.

We have found it a bit warm, but not overly. It cools down right nice a night, and is bearable in the day. This is winter, dry season, now and you will see them wearing sweater or coat in the mornings till it warms up.

We have found out that we will be the only Westerners taking DTS in June to Dec. Pray for us as it has been a long time since we were in a classroom situation.

Right now, since Sunday, there is a Hong Kong team of about 20+, aging 14 yrs, and up, that are here doing ministry work for 2 weeks. Some are Canadians from China and they had a more of a problem getting into Rwanda than we had. For some reason, unknown even to the staff here, the government isn't letting in Canadians like they did. We have a temporary visa for 15 days, and will be getting one that will last a year. Pray that things will go well with getting the visas.

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  1. Marlene Pannenbecker says:
    Your food, situation etc is comparable to ours...are the banana's there fried and used a vegetable ? Are they Green sometimes and hard (Planteno ?) Rice and fav meal...I lost 30 pounds well in the DR due to my LOVE for this meal ..add in some chicken, some more chicken...did I mention you should add some Chicken ? lol The water is likely one of you worst enemies...take care where you drink it for Fanta (pop) make sure to clean the top of the bottle really good before drinking from it. Careful to wash ALL fruit and veggies well...stay away from salads in restaurants if you go out. Tips I learned after it was TOO lol Love ya....have a great time