Sunday, May 22, 2011

God Is Good!

We have been very busy these last 2 months, April and May! We have had Garage Sales, and Kijiji Sales.
There has been insurance to get. There has been medication to buy. We have been finalizing the utilities, and other stuff. We have moved out of our house in order to finish getting it ready for the closing day, but before that we had to have it ready for a viewing at any given time! We have sold every thing that we didn't want to keep, or that didn't go to one of the kids! We sold the truck, and we possibly have a buyer for the car - when we are done with it. And now, even the house is gone! And all we do own is in one shed at our Friends' place. We moved temporarily in to a basement suite for a short time.
But the best part is that everything has happened just like clock work! God has had His hand in all of it, and we really do give Him the Praise and Honor for the way things have been going since the beginning of the year, in the preparation of us going to Rwanda! From resigning to acceptance with another mission, from owning more stuff than we needed to selling it all but one shed full.
Now we have been traveling for a day and a half, and He has blessed this trip too. Tonight when we were asked by the hotel clerk what our address was, we both said in unison "We're homeless!" and laughed. She did too, as she went on to tell us that she would be too very soon, as she and her husband were selling and moving on to another state. So we didn't give an address. She was interested in what we were doing!
God is so Good! I can hardly wait for what He has for us to do in Rwanda!

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