Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sleeping Bag Number 1

My Mom made this quilt.

It needed some TLC!

She never made this one though.

I added a very long zipper.

Then added the two quilts together.

Using stick pins, unlike the nice Quilting pins my sister has!

Sewed the two together and made a sleeping bag.
This is one of the things I did today! The others things I didn't take pictures of. 
So what are they: We went for a walk and picked bottles - made quite a bit too! 
Talked to my daughter, and my daughter-in-laws and to Kirk 
and even got to say hi to some grandchildren. 
I also got Kirk to help me set up my computers to transfer files.
Talked to two of my sisters.


  1. Did you see Connor laughing at Kirk's sneezes?

  2. Oh, yes! I knew I didn't remember everything and that is one thing I did forget. So funny, he looks so much like Kirk did when he was that little!