Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Lost My Sister-In-Love Today

My sister-in-law had been fighting for her health for a long time now.
Now, she isn't in pain any more!
We love you Gwen, we will miss you a lot!


  1. Bonnie Reimer Hern commented on your post.
    Bonnie wrote: "Hi Diane, I like how you said 'my sister-in-love'!! she is in a much better place, it's just sad for those of us left here to go one without her."

  2. LaDonna Harris commented on your post.
    LaDonna wrote: "I'm glad for my parents, that they had not yet left for Africa. I know it would have been hard on my dad. And I am glad that she is without pain and in a much better place. Marlene Pannenbecker thinking of you and Krista espeically, because you are so far away. Love you all!"

  3. Arlene Schapansky commented on your post.
    Arlene wrote: "Sorry for your loss, Peter and Diane."

  4. Leona and FraserApril 7, 2011 at 2:40 AM

    Sorry for the loss of your sister. It must be hard to say good-bye to siblings, pray that the funeral will be honoring to God.