Monday, March 28, 2011

What's Happening?

Well, I'll tell you!
This week is the last week for us in working with NCEM.
We have been with them for 23 years and after this week we will be done. 
 It is sad to leave co-workers you have been with for 23 years.
A person sure makes a lot of memories in 23 years, from the moment of our first training up till now! Memories that will last forever.
We have lived in two different mission fields, Watson Lake, YT and Prince Albert, SK.
Two different places and two different work experiences.
Both are dear to our hearts, and we have fond memories of both places.
I wouldn't have missed any of the experiences in either place.
And I am very glad for the friends we have made.

The next two months or so, are going to be a bit tough (I think).
We have a house to sell, and stuff to sort through (we've started already).
What to sell, what to keep, and what to give away!
Some things will be going to our children.
Some things just have to be sold.
And Peter built a shed that will store what we want to keep.
We have wonderful friends that are willing to keep that shed on their place!

We have already been accepted with YWAM.
I am very Thankful to the Lord, for the way the transition from NCEM to YWAM has gone.
We also now, have to get stuff together, that is necessary to take with us.
Some time in June, we will be going to Kigali, Rwanda, Africa!
On to making more memories!
Memories I can only imagine yet.

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