Friday, March 4, 2011

Packing Up The House!

(In the sense that you see 'hoarders' on TV anyway!)
But packing this house up, that we've lived in for the past 13 years (& 2.5 months), makes me wonder! There is just so much stuff, and our children have pretty well taken all of their stuff with them.
Well I've got work to do this weekend!
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  1. You can do it.

    If you don't love it.

    If you haven't used it in a year.

    If it doesn't make you smile.

    If you can re-purchase it if needed.

    If you need it for the memory, take a picture of it.

    Just some suggestions. Wish I could come help. But with my brood, I'm not sure we'd be much help and I'd probably bring too much of it back here. hee hee

  2. YOU two are SUCH an inspiration to me. Your faith and followership (if that is a word) makes me just want to stand silent, give praise and clap my hands.

    Well done Good and Faithful servant....oh to hear those words.

    Love you guys!

    Keep on keepin on!