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March 31, 2011

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:5,6

    In our last letter we mentioned a change that was about to happen in our lives. We will be finished working with NCEM on the 31st of March. We served twenty-three years with NCEM, and have enjoyed it. We mentioned also that we were applying to YWAM (Youth With A Mission). We were accepted with YWAM last month and will be taking DTS (Discipleship Training School) in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. We will leave for Rwanda around the middle of June. The training is 6 months long - 3 months of classes and three months in field ministry. We are excited about what God will do in and through us in Rwanda. The transition from NCEM to YWAM is going very smoothly. NCEM sent out a letter to our financial supporters, informing them of changes. Below is the information needed for those of you who would like to support us during our time in Rwanda. We are recommended to raise about $2650.00 per month.

YWAM mentioned in an email to us:

    If you are planning to fly out June 15th, we can start sending you money the month before that, so your donors can begin sending you money as of the end of April.
We can receive donations in the following ways:
1. Cheque/money order - Made payable to 'Youth With a Mission' with a separate note attached saying "This is for ...... serving in ....." We cannot accept cheques payable to a missionary or ministry. We can accept US or CAD cheques or money orders, but only a CAD tax receipt will be issued. These are receipted monthly, in the following month, unless the donor requests an annual receipt.
2. Post dated cheque - donors can send in post dated cheques, so that there is a cheque ready and waiting to be sent out every month. We have a secure safe we store them in, until they are ready to be used. Again, they must be payable to 'Youth With A Mission' with a separate note attached designating them to the missionary. We can accept US or CAD cheques or money orders, but only a CAD tax receipt will be issued. You can be receipted annually or monthly.
3. Pre-authorized monthly payment - Donors fill in a form (contact Peter or Diane - info at end of this letter) and return it to us, with a signature and a void cheque. This option is available only to donors with a CANADIAN bank account. You will be receipted annually at the end of the current tax year.
4. Credit card donation - online through our third party website, CANADA HELPS. (Please get a form from Peter or Diane) Unless it is absolutely necessary we discourage donors from using Canada Helps, as they charge an extra transaction fee, on top of our administration fee, and so the missionary ends up with less money overall. Your tax receipt in this case will be provided by Canada Helps by email at the time of the donation, unless you establish an account and a monthly credit payment. Receipts are for Canadian tax purposes only.
Receipts are payable to the name on the cheque sent. Business cheques will be receipted to the business, not to an individual, and the same with personal cheques, these donations can only be receipted to the name on the cheque. In the case of group or cash donations where many individuals have donated together, we cannot divide receipts over one cheque written on behalf of the group. Please send in a money order, payable to YWAM and attach a separated note with the name, address, phone, email and about given by each donor so they can be properly receipted. Please do not send cash in the mail, always get a money order.
Our office address for mailed gifts is
Project Funding Office, PO Box 57100, Vancouver, BC, V5K1Z0
our phone is:  604.436.4433
our fax is:  604.436.4466
our email is:

    We hope the above is helpful to you, please contact if you have any questions (contact information is below).

    Because of the mail system in Rwanda, we will need to communicate with you via email. So if you could send us your current email address so that we can update our list we would be so happy to continue our communication with you in that way. If we do not get your email address you may not hear from us. [ :- (   = sad face]   Those of you who do not have an email address, please write us and let us know and we will figure out a way to get our prayer letters to you. We really want your prayer support and we know a few of you who do not have computer access.

Prayer Requests - Please pray with us as we prepare to go:
- For the sale of our home here in Prince Albert and all of the paper work in relation to that transaction.
- For the sale of our car and truck.
- Pray that we will find the right insurance company for international insurance coverage.
We need to find reasonably priced flight out of Saskatoon.
Praise God with us, for the way He is working 'things' out!

Serving Him,

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