Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Got A Deal

I've been wanting a cover for my iPod Touch. It is not necessary, but the slippery thing has fallen a couple of times. So yesterday we had to vacate the house for a showing and we went up to Future Shop just to see what kind of price the covers were running at. We were pointed in the right direction and shown where they were. (I only know where things are in Value Village). Looking around we saw that most were priced at $24.00 and up, but there were ones there that were $9.99 and it include more than the single prices items. Like it had an arm band, and a soft cover and a hard protective cover in this box. So we took it over to the guy that had helped us and we asked if this was for an iPod. And "Yes",  "Then why is it at this price?" He goes back with us and says "Well, it is $44.99, and is on sale for $37.99, but it is in the wrong spot, but I will have to honor it and give it to you for $9.99." And while he is saying all this, he is moving the other 3 on the $9.99 post over to the post that is marked $44.99. So I take a big swallow and say, "Well, I guess I'll buy that one then!" He did have to check with his supervisor on the phone to let him know that he was doing that and took me over to the checkout and I paid $10.99 cash! WAHOO!!!! And that is how I got my iPod Touch soft cover, hard cover and arm band!
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  1. wow, did you ever get a deal!! Very very good customer service, and honoring their scanning code of practice! Nice job, Future Shop!!!

  2. Wow! I bet you weren't expecting that! Don't you love it when little surprises come along like that?!?!