Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011!!!!!

Can hardly believe it is here!
I never thought that I'd see 2011.
A lot has happened in 2010.
The high lights:
John & Rachelle got engaged in Mexico in February.
May - Glenn & Gordon's collections were auctioned.
Peter and I went to Rwanda in May.
Another grandchild was born while we were there - Conner on May 24th.
Went to Alabama to visit him and his family in June/July. First time ever to miss Canada Day in Canada, and spend Independence Day in the US!
Jason & Becky, Nolan and Makenna came to visit in Aug.
Aug. 15, another grandson born, Matthias. Went to Alberta to visit him and his family and helped rebuild their front steps to their house.
In September I went and spent a week helping Becky after her surgery.
Started a Mystery Afghan with Bernat! That was something new and exciting that lasted till December.
Replaced our dishwasher in October.

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