Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am extremely Thankful for Leona's expertise in quilting! 
We'd never have gotten as far as we did without it!!!
Thanks Leona!
(Sorry, you will not be shown the finished products yet!)
These little creatures were used in making the quilts!
Upside down closeup of a fish!
Organized chaos!
Leona in her glorious organized chaos!!!
 After two days of that quilting Becky came with Jackson 
and it was ALL ABOUT her quilt!!!! (hee, hee)
Jackson, my Great nephew, was so helpful, and cute!!!
Leona - making sure there was a square in each Blue Jean circle! All 576 of them!
Becky and I sewing the circles together!
Leona did most of our ironing!
The 4x4 blocks laid out, ready for the squares!
Squares laid out on the blocks!
 It's going to be a beautiful quilt!
And then I left!!!
Happy sewing Ladies!

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