Friday, March 5, 2010

Divine Appointment!

I had a Divine Appointment the other day!
My sister was there to experience it with me!
It all started Monday, March 1st, Peter and I went to get some more of our immunizations that we needed to get for our May Rwanda Trip 2010! Peter doesn't like getting needles, and he doesn't like watching me get needles! I don't mind getting needles, he just can't watch seeing the needle go into the arm! Okay, so he isn't feeling to well after getting 2 needles in one arm and 3 in the other, (me - just 2 in 2) but we do get back to the car and drive to work - "because he HAS to put that sink in that he started on Friday!" By evening he is taking the chills, and has a fever. I too have developed a fever and not feeling like doing much.
Tuesday, the plan is for me to travel to Skt'n with the TV Dept. for a Matrix Show. And because I also had a delivery (an envelope) to make for our Rwanda trip, I go to Skt'n. Peter on the other hand, stays home in bed, I probably should have too!
At noon, I have made plans to meet up with my sister and go for lunch and give her this envelope. She, at that time, gives me a tylenol for my fever - Bless her Lord! And we go for lunch. Well, I kind of want to hit VV while in town and so we head in that direction and find a nice small little restaurant to eat. Of course it is full, with one couple in line for a table, we decide to stay and wait. I am not one to look around much to see if I know someone, but I do and I see some people that both Peter and I know. About a month and a half earlier, Peter had given them a support letter for our trip. So I do what most people do and go say my Howdy's, and then back in line with my sister. We don't wait to long.
By this time, the tylenol is starting to work and I'm feeling some relief from my fever. We order and start eating the wonderful special they had. As the people I know are leaving, one stops by our table and asks me to give their regards to Peter (I had told them he was home with a fever) and that here is a little something for our trip, and proceeds to hand me a folded cheque! I added it to the envelope and Praised God!
Divine Appointment!
I think so!
Only God knew that I needed to go to Skt'n on Tuesday, that my sister would pick that restaurant to go to, that they would be there too.
(Now sis, that draws tears to my eyes to see God at work!)
Everyone, have a blessed day!

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