Monday, February 22, 2010


Shared at First Baptist Church yesterday, about our missions trip in May 2010. We were very encouraged by the congregation and it confirms again to us that God is leading us.

This is what I shared:

I grew up attending church every Sunday, and our church had a good amount of missionaries come, to share about their ministry. It seemed, at the time, that all missionaries worked in Africa. I can remember the displays of hand crafts and literature, on their tables at the back of the church. And, at about 13 years old, after hearing a missionary share, and probably plead for more workers, I remember that still small voice of God, calling me to be a missionary.

I put that in the back of my mind, thinking that God would likely not call me to Africa because I'm so fair skinned, and wouldn't handle the heat. And in thinking that, I thought then, there likely isn't a great chance of me being a missionary. So at that time, I kind of felt safe, that I wouldn't be a missionary, because “all missionaries go to Africa.”

After grade 12 graduation, and meeting Peter, attending one semester of Bible School, we got married, we had 4 children, it started looking like we were going to be missionaries, not in Africa, but in our home country. And we joined Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. We have been with them since 1988.

Fast forward, about twenty years, to the summer of 2007, someone said to me that it would be good for me to go on a missions trip, or even 2. And when Pastor Jeremy was getting a trip organized in summer of 2008 to Africa, I kind of wanted to go. After talking with Peter, we decided - not then, that there would be other trips, at another time.

Watching the team prepare, and hearing them share, as they got ready to go, I knew that I should have been on the team, that I should be going too. So, I cried when they left, and I prayed while they were gone, and I cried when they came back. And I shared with a couple of people in the congregation about this, and through certain circumstances – like Jeremy sending us an email saying,

“You are on my heart today ... I wanted to share with you that ... you need to come with me to Africa.”

At that moment, I knew that this was the invitation I was waiting for the Lord to give me. I knew that this time, I would be going. I would be going, because I knew that God was asking me to go. Not because of what Jeremy said, but because it was a clear call from God to me.

God has called me to Africa, for a short missions trip. And this time I'm going to, not only listen to His still small voice, but I am going to be obedient to it.

So here I am, sharing with you about my call from God to go to Africa.

We then went to visit Peter's sister in the hospital in Melfort. She is doing better and is getting the best of care!

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  1. You and Peter both did such a great was a blessing to listen to! Keep pressing forward to reach the goal...obedience to Christ! Love you lots folks!