Monday, February 15, 2010


A Song Of Love For You

In open fields of flowers, she smells the sweet aroma
She breathes in the air as she walks through the grass,
Her mind somewhere beyond, the bright blue sky,
She thanks her God for the beauty all around her,
Speaking the simple language of love.

Someday she'll understand it all,
My love for her, gives me such a thrill,
She is more than the laughter in the rolling hills,
Or the sand on the ocean floor,
She is my all, she is my everything.

She's as close as a heartbeat, she is the tunes in my head,
She'll trust me more and learn of my great love for her,
Someday I will call out to her and she will come running,
Into my waiting arms, she will weep, tears of love will fall down,
Her lovely face and I pray she will forgive me.

Forgive me for not understanding you my love,
"I want to fall in love with You",
Again, only this time I know better than before,
Your love for me all of these years, how could have I
Been so blind, I want to fall in love with you once more.

I just sat silent wearing my best smile,
Her words echoing through my head,
My bride she calls out to me, and I hear,
For she stared into nowhere, and I said, "I am here",
Our love can feel the chains that binds our souls.

For we are more than the laughter in the mountain tops,
Or the masses of stars in the sky,
Our love is as close as a heartbeat, love leaves a song in my heart,
Our love has matured and we trust and have learned,
When our loved one whistles we will come running.

And fall into each others arms, the tears flow down,
For we know we are secure in each others love,
We pray that God will keep our love ever strong,
We want to fall in love with each other all over again,
Over and over again.

It seems so easy to call you my lover and my friend,
Close enough to call you my helpmate, on whom I can depend,
For together we sit and think of words we can mention,
To show our commitment to each other,
Oh it makes me wain to fall in love with You again.

"for my heart beats faster for You each and every day that I know you"
Be my Valentine forever.
By Peter C. Salmond

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