Friday, January 8, 2010


We are in the process of taking a missions trip.
The very beginnings of that process too, I might add!
That means forms to fill out and all that goes with it! It doesn't seem too bad this time though, with the forms.
I'm reminded of my missionary call. I believe I was about 13 years old. There was a missionary from Africa speaking in my church, and he was sharing about his experiences. He had a great display in the back of the church of lots of Africa handcraft and what-not. It was all very interesting and exciting for a young person. And the work he shared about would touch your heart.
I believe that was when God spoke to me, in my heart, that He wanted me to serve Him when I grew up. I never thought much about it, as I figured that God would not send me to Africa or any place where it was hot, because I am so fair skinned and burn easily. After graduation, Bible School just seemed like the next step to take, which led to marriage and having children. We both knew we wanted to go into full time ministry and so did.
And the rest of the story - we joined Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (NCEM) and have been with them since 1987.
About 2 years ago our church took a group to Africa on a missions trip and I knew that I should have been on that trip by the time they were ready to leave. I've been desiring a missions trip since then. So now we are in the process of taking a missions trip!

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