Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 1, 2010

Another year is gone and a new one to live.
I awoke January 1st feeling much better than I had the day before (had a bit of sinus congestion) and was thinking that's great! I am excited to see what this New Year will hold for me. I want to do exciting things and was feeling great!
Showered and started to get ready to make Spud Soup, which is a family favorite, and being that we had family here for the holidays and I hadn't yet made it, I was looking forward to doing my best.
I was in the process of cutting the peeled potatoes into cubes, and Peter and Becky were in the kitchen, talking, and getting breakfast, etc.
And cut my index finger on the left hand. Oh did I yell, scared poor Makenna! I had to hold tight to stop the blood flow. Jason (with his first aid training) came after Peter got a bandage on but it was still bleeding through that, so he took over, tried to calm me down. Put another bandage over the first one, and Peter found an old finger guard that he'd used years ago, and we put that on too.
Went right back to getting those potatoes cut up for the soup (which tasted real good!).
Becky of course grabbed her camera and starting taking pictures.

Thanks everyone for being there January 1st.
What an exciting way to start the year!
Wonder what other events will be like?

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