Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm thinking, that to have an exciting life, a person should have one exciting event once a month. Now I would think that I'm talking about a good event, not a tragic one. But even still a tragic one has it's place in there too.

So I'm feeling a bit over whelmed these last few months, both from exciting and tragic events. June was exciting, my 50th party, and all of us getting together for a wonderful surprise for me --- and tragic - Richard's death.

July - I don't know maybe just recuperating from June, and hearing that Peter's sister isn't well. He got a chance to go and visit which I know was a great opportunity for him.

August is full of enough events too. We just had a wonderful surprise visit from supporters, a couple from AB/BC. So glad to have reconnected with them after so many years. (Maybe we will take time to go and visit them when they are in BC.) AND we travel to and attend conference and after that we plan on volunteering at the camp where J & B & N & M are at and have been all summer. Of course there has been exciting news from them and here's a few pics to show the high points of that:

Aren't they cute! Enjoying Bible Camp all summer!

A run-in with a swing, good scar material for impressing the girls in a few years!!!!! (He got 5 stitiches, already out and is doing just fine! We talked to him on the same day and he was himself!)

And she just loves her big brother!!!

Well that's all for now!

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  1. Planning is what it is all about, or might I say having goals. It always gives you something to look forward to. Your next big goal should be planning for Aug. 18/09 LOL