Friday, July 24, 2009

Stone Fence

This is so cool, I had to take some pics. Then a friend showed me how to 'touch' one up!


Something we got free and fixed up!


A handsome guy watching . . .

. . . the sun, set across the lake.

And Look At These Faces!

Surprise Birthday Party!

Just a few of the pictures that I took when we went to L&J. We were just to take up their piano, but it turned into a surprise Birthday Party for me!

What a great time I had! I'm sure everyone else did too, as it is not too often they can surprise me! EVERYONE was there that we were responsible for - our four children, their spouses (one girlfriend), and the 9 grandkids!

I did not get many pictures, but this is just a few of some of the grandchildren. There is more posted in the Gallery.

Thanks J&L for hosting us! We all had a great time!

Richard Orville Salmond

We had the privilege of honoring Richard's life. The video of pictures are here on Facebook and below are some pics that I had a chance to take.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today was warm! For the first time in a long time I actually warmed up! Today was like Florida weather in December (the picture above is proof of that) and did I soak it in! I even parked far away from the doors of Walmart just so that I could soak up the sunshine and its warmth! Of course, with warm weather like that, there is also thunderstorms and they are forecasted for this evening. Oh well, it was nice while it was here. Thanks Lord for sunshine and rain!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is too funny!

This is too funny not to share!

My husband lovingly always fills the car with gas and I never hardly ever have to do it. And when he does he usually tries to double the air miles by getting whatever they are offering. Well he did again on Tues. evening and brought home two chocolate bars - one for him and one for me - and put them on the stove and never said anything. He went about doing things and I happened to see them there and of course figured they were for "me", right! So I put them in my lunch bag for my lunch on Wed. and never thought about them again until I was at work the next day. They came in handy when I needed a 'pick-me-up'. And so when Wed. evening comes around and he starts looking for these chocolate bars, and then is upset that they are 'gone, gone'!

Okay, he got over it, - I felt a tad guilty when he said that he was 'saving' them for something special!

Anyway, now the best part . . .

Did you read the Daily Bread this morning? Well when the phrase came "chocolate taste better when shared with others" he said, "See!"

I couldn't help but burst out laughing! Double whammy! That should be a lesson learned!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So... I haven't written in awhile. Lots has happened since Father's Day.

We traveled out to Alberta and helped with preparations for the funeral, then we celebrated "The Legend" 's Life! (Go here if you'd like to read some of what happened in his life, my husband has lots of stories to share.) It was great to remember his life, and know that he is at peace now, but sad for us who will miss him.
I had the privilege of putting a power point together of his life for the funeral and will be redoing it on my computer so that we can have a DVD made for family.
We traveled back with family and had the long awaited ICE CREAM. (Ice cream is a Salmond favorite - sometimes I think it is a 'must have'!)

Now I've been trying to get back into routine. Blah, blah, blah, I've been out of routine so much in June that I'm not so sure that I even want to go back there, but on the other hand I need it!