Friday, June 12, 2009


Wow, was I ever surprised yesterday. We traveled up to our daughter's home and when we arrived there were extra vehicles in the yard and that, that was one of our sons sitting outside the house with a camera focused on us as we got out of the vehicle, and then, that there was more than just his boy in that group of blondies, (that I was hugging) here our other son from the states had come with his family too, and that our third son with his girl friend were in the group that was enjoying the fact that they had all pulled off a really good surprise on Peter too. Lots of hugs and surprise crying going on. I'm sure that there will be pictures to come but for now you can see all of them in the "Gallery" section on my blog site. (you will find that at the top of my blog page under the title Grandma Johnny)

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  1. what a great surprise !! I am so happy for you and Peter.
    Do you remember when all of us girls/and granddaughters went home to Mom's for mothers day....hid in the house until she came home...jumped out and scared her so much? It still makes me smile.
    Now you have had the same experience....too cool !!
    Happy birthday tomorrow...I wish for you a "great and happy" year.

    Love, Mar