Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painting Day 10

Okay, so I have some new developments - we have the light fixtures back in place - Thanks, Peter! And we have the doors back on - Thanks, Grandpa! (He did this when I was chatting with grandchildren!) We now have privacy when we sleep, dress, and shower! Poor guest that used the bathroom with no door ( I can't even figure out the symbols to use for the face I would want to make!). Now we can have guests without feeling awkward!

It's looking alot better, but there is lots to be done before we have things back into place. Maybe by the middle of June it'll be done (for one reason or another!)

I also picked up some fabric that was in the missionary barrel that will do just fine until I can get real curtains for the living room. Now to get a curtain rod for the fabric that needs a little sewing. The window trim needs to be put on yet though.


  1. did you talk to these grandkids?

  2. Yes I did! (One may not have talked back, and they weren't yours, sorry!)