Monday, May 18, 2009

My Husband Shot A Moose!

Many years ago, my husband shot a moose, when we lived in the Yukon, and he wanted to get the hide tanned. So he did. That hide has been used very little, and I'm a bit tired of it just hanging on the banister and nothing being made of it.
So awhile back I got L. to find me a pattern to make those cute soft leather bootees for kids. And today I finally sewed up a pair. I maybe should have tried a pair out of cloth first, but I cut these out of the leather a month ago and they were calling me to sew them up today. It sure didn't take long, as I already had the pieces cut out.
I thought the leather was pretty thick and kind of stretchy, but I think they are the softest pair I've seen. I just wished they fit me, or that there was someone here to try them on to see how they fit.
I knew you all would want pics, so voila!


  1. AWESOME! That's great. What size do you suspect they are?