Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Common Scents

Okay I know, you're thinking, that's the wrong 'scents'.
No, it's not!
I have grown tired of the paint smell in this house, it just doesn't seem to be leaving. So I thought, and told my husband, "You know I think that if I cook a nice smelling meal it might start smelling better in this house, or better yet if I burn a meal, the paint smell will go away!" I got a smile (I burnt microwave popcorn in the microwave a week or more ago and he hasn't let me forget it).
Well anyway, today I thought I just GOT to do something - the smell is not leaving!
(okay this is where some of you will get horrified, or not!)
I received some perfume (eau de toilette - $$expense stuff$$) from a 'friend' and at first I thought it was very pretty. The more I used it, it seemed to smell exactly like it's name. So I was told to just give it away and not worry about it. Well it so happens that Peter and I decided that I would continue to wear it until it was all used up and then we would get me my regular perfume.
So, yes you can guess where this is leading! I just sprayed a few spots (I didn't use the whole bottle!) in the house (on washable items) and Boy does it smell different in here now. And you know what, it's not so bad. It sure beats the paint smell!!!!!
Reading about the perfume I found out that it is for evening wear! Now I know why it doesn't smell so good when I put it on in the morning!
We'll see what it smells like in here in the morning! (I'm so glad I didn't throw it out!)

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