Saturday, April 18, 2009


Next week Peter and I will be painting! We will paint the majority of the top floor of our house! This is something we have never done before! Well, we have painted rooms before but not to this extent that we plan to do this coming week. The color is the greatest decision, I mean you have to live with it OR paint again - RIGHT AWAY! Having said that I believe we (my sister and I) have come up with 'some color' that will work! I will post pictures at a later date (everything is white right now).


  1. Well, I am sure it will look very nice. Just don't leave anything on the walls to paint around...big mistake. Take all the pic's and trim off and the paint job will be like an expert!!! have fun.

  2. sounds like fun. hope you are having fun with your sis.


    and you have an award at my blog.