Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Painting Day 7

Wow, what a difference when you can open all the windows! We got to do that today! I started with first coat of trim color on the windows and doors, Peter did that with the baseboards out in the garage.
I'm getting used to the color. I think that it could be quite dingy but with bright accessories the walls will accent the accessories and that will be great! Bright pictures and curtains will help!
I guess I'm a little excited now! Can hardly wait for everything to be back in place, (okay, there are some within the family who will probably be thinking 'I hope she doesn't put everything back in place, because she surely could get rid of some of it.', and I hopefully won't, I really don't want to bring everything back.). I guess painting can be as good as a move. I've never stayed in one place this long since I married, and as with moving a person doesn't seem to collect stuff, but with this painting adventure it does tend to be a cleansing process like moving.

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