Friday, April 24, 2009

Painting Day 4

Okay, today more was accomplished, yeah! We got some more putty work done, and then all the walls got a white base coat put on them!!! It's a good thing Peter has more energy and drive than I do, and staying power! (That's staying power to get the job done, if any of you were wondering.) Everything is soooooooo WHITE! It looks good but that's not the color we have in mind for the end result.
We are going to have to fix on some spots that were missed with putty and sanding as they seemed to show themselves now that the base coat is on. But we will fix that tomorrow.
We got the gallons (5) tinted, 1 for trim, 2 for one color and 2 for the other. The one color had to be with an accent base - good thing we had 2 gallons of that from last years painting that we could use. So it's looking good for everything coming out like we planned.
I'm starting to get excited about the end result now. It's only Friday tomorrow and finally we get to put some color on the walls, I can hardly wait!!!!!


  1. do we get to see photos? i know you have a great camera.

  2. Yes photos are coming I have some before pics on my camera and I just took some during photos with my computor. I'll get them up later when we are done!