Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Painting Day 2

I know the day isn't done yet, but we've done some stuff and I'm sure that you are here to know what!
Okay the day started with taking the last few things off the walls - a couple of blinds (now I feel naked in the neighborhood), and light and plug-in covers, ceiling light fixtures, etc. And then it was time to get more boxes because we need to clear out the pantry and above the cupboards in the kitchen. So Peter when out while I stayed and swept and vacuumed. Then he filled the holes with putty.
The ceiling has a first coat on now and I'm thinking we will have a bit of relaxing evening sniffing paint.
So if I don't blog for a day or two you just may have the right to think we're a bit high!
Got to go help now!!!!!!

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